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Jack Latimore has emerged as an important new voice in Australian journalism. It would be wrong to put this solely in terms of Indigenous journalism, because he speaks to us all. He writes like a dream. He is questing and critical. He can be angry, but without ever losing optimism for our better selves. On so many levels, he gives me hope.

Margaret Simons

Jack Latimore is not only a friend of mine but also is distantly related to me. However it is for neither of those two reasons that I am happy to say that he is in my estimation one of the more exciting and interesting Indigenous journalists to emerge in recent years. I love his writings in the Guardian newspaper and his occasional work for Indigenous X. 
Back in the late 1960s and 70s I was a close associate of the legendary pioneer of Aboriginal journalism John Newfong and I am therefore in a position to state that I believe Jack Latimore is shaping up as a worthy successor to Newfong’s mantle as one of the best writers we have produced.

Gary Foley

Jack is a bold and unique voice in Australian public life. He is an audacious and courageous journalist compelled by the burning desire to fight societal inequity - not only as it applies to his own Indigenous people, but to all Australians that the state overlooks, ignores, forgets or oppresses. Jack is more than a journalist. He is also an accomplished and elegant writer of essays and short stories. He brings a novelist’s eye and insight to his subjects. This lends a unique sensibility to what ever and whoever he writes about.

Paul Daley

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